Name/Nickname(s): Seta, Setalia, Charmy, The Pun Idol, The Puntagonist
Date of Birth: January 24, 1981
Blood Type: A
Favorite Colors: red, black
Interests: music, history, psychology, old time radio, The Sims 2/3, science fiction
Favorite Music: GARNET CROW, Ai Takaoka, Leo Ieiri, Do As Infinity, LiSA, Eir Aoi, Hello! Project, a bit of Jpop, music from the 20s to the 40s, 80s music, various music around the world
Favorite Television Shows: Star Trek (particularly DS9), Doctor Who, Murdoch Mysteries, Rizzoli & Isles, Crossing Jordan, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Community, The X-Files
Places to find me:
Twitter: @viSetalia

A few other important things about me:

  • Because of a terrifying situation that happened when I was younger (which I don’t talk about much), I am private about certain personal information. This includes where I live, what I look like, etc. So don’t pressure me to reveal anything.
  • I keep online and offline separate. This means I don’t meet anyone from online interactions in real life.
  • I’m unable to speak. Same reason as above. I’ve never revealed this before because I’ve always been embarrassed about it. Even in offline world, I can tell some people look at me funny because of it.