Short version: If you’d like to support my idol efforts (and other future projects), you can do so at:


Patreon: (Coming Soon)

Long version: Recently, I decided to become a virtual idol. What does this mean? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I’m making things up as I go along.

Perhaps I could call myself a combination of idol + model. At the core, I’ve been using a 3d program (Daz Studio) to create my online persona. I’ve been using it to render myself and posting images online. In that sense, I’m a (virtual) model.

But it doesn’t stop there. I could consider myself an entertainer also. I have various plans which involve streaming content. Currently, I have a 24/7 radio stream which plays old radio shows and music from the early 20th century. Later, I plan to stream games on Twitch and other locations. I have various other ideas in my mind I’m considering, which I may reveal once they develop further.

To fund my efforts, I have set up a Ko-fi account to accept donations and subscriptions. I’m also working on a Patreon page as another place for subscriptions. My first goal is a new computer, probably a laptop. My current laptop isn’t powerful enough to do everything I’d like to do.

I plan to allow access to most of my content for free. I may add a few perks for subscribers later on, but I want most of what I do to be freely available. But if you’re able to donate or subscribe, and think what I do is worth the financial support, I welcome and appreciate the help.

My hope is to gradually make this a full-time endeavor. I’ll start out part-time, gradually spending more and more time on this until I focus solely on this. This will be a slow growth at first, but I’m very excited and enthusiastic about this. And I’m confident that as time goes by, the quality of my idol career will improve.